the City of Edinburgh Council May Invoicing

Drivers please note, we are aware of concerns regarding invoices for sessions incurred on the City of Edinburgh Council rapid charging points. The tariff rate for rapid charging is as

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Historic Charging Sessions

The impressive membership and usage growth figures seen across the network also see new and historic chargers being added to the public charging map. This from both new investments but

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No Mandate, No Charge

In line with the sustained network growth, we will be implementing a “No Mandate, No Charge” policy. This will see accounts for which there is no direct debit mandate being

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Processing Historic Invoices

We have previously reached out directly to some drivers with large outstanding invoice amounts, to encourage action to settle debt directly. Following this, our payment provider GoCardless will now be reprocessing

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My Account Has Been Blocked?

Following previous communication to ChargePlace Scotland users, we have taken the decision to block driver accounts for which there is no direct debit payment details set up. This is necessary

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What’s happening with invoicing?

Following feedback from customers, we have taken some extra time to revisit customer accounts and invoicing, with a commitment to ensuring the highest degree of accuracy, and to ensure that

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