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About the ChargePlace Scotland Network


What is ChargePlace Scotland?

ChargePlace Scotland is Scotland’s national public Electric Vehicle charging network. It is owned and developed by the Scottish Government through grant funding of Local Authorities and other organisations to provide a public network of Electric Vehicle Charge Points across Scotland.

How many Charge Points are on the ChargePlace Scotland network?

There are currently nearly 1000 publicly available Charge Points on the ChargePlace Scotland network. You can view the locations of these on our live web map at chargeplacescotland.org


How do I know if a Charge Point is on the ChargePlace Scotland network?

You will find all the Charge Points which are currently available to the public on the ChargePlace Scotland live web map. This is the best way to know if a Charge Point is on the ChargePlace Scotland network.

Are all ChargePlace Scotland Charge Points available for public use?

The majority of ChargePlace Scotland network are available for public use, however we do host some private posts on the network which aren’t available for public use. These won’t appear on the ChargePlace Scotland live map but may still have ChargePlace Scotland branding on them.


Accessing the ChargePlace Scotland network


How do I access the ChargePlace Scotland network?

To access the ChargePlace Scotland network you need to sign up to become a member. Click here to sign up.

Once you are a member you will need to decide which access method you want to use. You can choose to purchase a ChargePlace Scotland Access card, or you can download the Charge Your Car mobile app for free from your app store.

How much does it cost to access the ChargePlace Scotland network?

The majority of charge points on the ChargePlace Scotland public network are free to use but some units have tariffs operating on them. Check the ChargePlace Scotland live web map to find out if a charge point on the ChargePlace Scotland network has a tariff to use it.

Do I have to set up a direct debit against my access method if the charge point is free?

Even though the majority of the Charge Points on the ChargePlace Scotland network are free to use your payment details must be registered against your access method and these must be kept up to date. This must be set up as part of a monthly direct debit.

How much does a ChargePlace Scotland Access Card cost?

The ChargePlace Scotland Access Card service costs an annual fee of £20. This can only be paid via direct debit.

How do I order a ChargePlace Scotland Access Card?

You can order your ChargePlace Scotland card by logging onto your user account on the ChargePlace Scotland website and going to the Access Card section on your dashboard.

Is there a ChargePlace Scotland mobile app?

Our mobile app service is provided by Charge Your Car Ltd and is available on Android and iOS There is currently no ChargePlace Scotland branded mobile app available.

How much does it cost to use the mobile app?

It is free to download and use the mobile app to access the ChargePlace Scotland network.

Can I access the ChargePlace Scotland network without becoming a member?

In order to make full use of the ChargePlace Scotland network, we recommend becoming a member. However some charge points are accessible using our PAYG telephone service. The fee for this service will vary from charge point to charge point, whereas as a member you can access the majority of charge points in Scotland for free.

Can I use a contactless payment card to pay for my charging session?

The charge points on our network don’t currently have contactless or chip and pin payment capability.

I am a member of another network. Can I access the ChargePlace Scotland network?

If you are a member of Charge Your Car you will be able to access the ChargePlace Scotland network with your chosen access method.

If you are a member of another network provider you will need to become a member of ChargePlace Scotland or Charge Your Car, or make use of the PAYG telephone service in order to access the ChargePlace Scotland public network.

Can I use my ChargePlace Scotland Access card in the rest of the UK?

You will be able to access any charge point which is on the Charge Your Car network with your ChargePlace Scotland card.

Recharging your Electric Vehicle

Do I need a cable to use the Charge Points on the ChargePlace Scotland network?

It is recommended that you always carry a charging cable with you in your Electric Vehicle. Whilst some of the Charge Points on the ChargePlace Scotland network are tethered (Rapid Chargers and some 22kW units), most Charge Points on the network require you to provide a charging cable which is appropriate for your vehicle in order to use them.

What type of Charge Points do you have on the ChargePlace Scotland network?

You will find two main types of Charge Point on the ChargePlace Scotland network:

Rapid Chargers

A Rapid Charger, also referred to as a Journey Charger, delivers a charge of up to 50kW. It will charge a vehicle in as little as 20-30mins. They are intended for a quick charge before continuing on your journey. Not all vehicles are Rapid Charge capable.

Destination Chargers

A Destination Charge delivers a charge between 7kW and 22kW and will charge a vehicle in 3-4hrs. They are intended for long-stay charging.

Do I have to pay to park whilst I use a ChargePlace Scotland charge point?

Parking fees and regulations are controlled by organisations external to ChargePlace Scotland. Parking fees may operate on site. Please check all signage at the location carefully for this information. This information may also be available on the ChargePlace Scotland live web map. Any queries regarding parking should be directed to these organisations.

How do I know if there is a tariff to use a Charge Point?

You can get information about any tariffs in operation by searching for the charge point you wish to use on the ChargePlace Scotland live web map. Charge Points with tariffs in operation should also have stickers on them to notify you of this.

How is a tariff set on a Charge Point?

Some ChargePlace Scotland units have a tariff to use. Where this is a per kWh tariff, a fraction of a kWh is rounded either up or down. The choice of whether to round up or down is made by the charger host. If hosts wish to discuss the implications of rounding up or down to hosts and drivers in order to make their decision, please contact admin-cps@chargeplacescotland.org  for further details.

How do I know if the Charge Point I wish to use is available?

You can get live status updates from the ChargePlace Scotland network on the ChargePlace Scotland live web map. This information is reported live from our back office. We don’t recommend using third party websites to assess availability because this information is often out of date or inaccurate.

What should I do if I need help with my charge?

We are available to assist you 24hrs a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year. Just give the ChargePlace Scotland Customer Helpline a call on 0141 648 0750.

What should I do if I believe I have been billed incorrectly?

It’s worth noting that this a standard CYC tariff calculation functionality, has been in successful operation since 2010 and is used on various public charging networks across the U.K. However if an individual driver is concerned that your bill is inaccurate, please contact admin-cps@chargeplacescotland.org with a copy of their bill, highlighting the specific charges they believe to be erroneous along with the reasons why.

If you require further advice about the ChargePlace Scotland network please don’t hesitate to get in touch with us on 0141 648 0750, send us an email at admin@chargeplacescotland.org or contact us on our social media channels @ChargePlaceScot or at facebook/chargeplacescotland

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