ChargePlace Scotland Help Centre

The ChargePlace Scotland Help Centre is the place to find answers to any questions you have about accessing our network and charging your Electric Vehicle (EV) in Scotland. Whether you’re new to driving an EV, are an experienced network user or are just seeking more information, our Help Centre is designed to answer the most frequently asked questions.

Our most frequently asked questions:

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Accessing the Network

  • What is the network
  • Accessing charge points
  • Cost of charge point access
  • Locating charge points
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Accounts and Payments

  • Accessing your account
  • Managing direct debits
  • Payment methods
  • Tariffs and fines
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Charging your Electric Vehicle

  • Compatible vehicles
  • Types of chargers available
  • Using chargers on the network
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Electric Vehicle Resources

  • Charging etiquette
  • Funding for EVs
  • Purchasing an EV
  • Recommended resources
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Network Management

  • KPI performance
  • Reporting a fault
  • Checking charge point availability
  • Adding a charger to the network
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Using the ChargePlace Scotland App

  • Accessing the app
  • Starting a charging session
  • Viewing your charging history
  • Locating nearby charge points
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New charge points are regularly announced on our social media pages along with the latest news about the EV industry. Make sure you follow us on Twitter and Facebook to keep up to date with the latest developments across the network and helpful guidance for EV drivers.

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