We have previously reached out directly to some drivers with large outstanding invoice amounts, to encourage action to settle debt directly. Following this, our payment provider GoCardless will now be reprocessing previously failed invoices as we look to close gaps in revenue for charge point owners.  

This is necessary action to ensure outstanding and future monies for charging sessions can be recouped and distributed to charge point owners. This allows them to cover essential maintenance and repair costs of their charge points, plan any further investment into upgrading their sites with new/more units, and is critical to the ongoing growth and health of Scotland’s EV network

Once outstanding invoices have been settled, invoicing will resume on a monthly basis.

Failure to settle these invoices will result in the account being temporarily blocked, leaving the driver unable to initiate charges for your vehicle on the CPS network.

If you have any questions, or concerns, please contact our team at: admin-cps@swarco.com

You can sign in to update your account details and view any outstanding invoices at: https://account.chargeplacescotland.org/