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New Charger Announcement

We are pleased to announce the below 25 new charge points onto the network. This sees the number of publicly available charge points through the ChargePlace Scotland network reach 2,271.

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Data Centre Maintenance

Drivers please note, we are aware of some connectivity issues following scheduled data centre maintenance carried out by the data provider. This has resulted in communication difficulties across parts of

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Network Intra-Operability

ChargePlace Scotland X Be-EV Launch An exciting development we have been working on recently is the first stage in a trial of intra-operability which will see CPS drivers able to

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Argyll and Bute Council Charger Unavailability

Please see the below statement from Argyll and Bute council regarding temporary charger unavailability (UPDATE: 19/04/22 All Units Available Once More): “The electric vehicles chargers at Helensburgh Pier/West Clyde Street

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East Lothian Council Charger Relocation

East Lothian Council has taken the decision to re-locate a number of its charge points. The units impacted by this change are as follows, this change will shortly be represented

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Network Development Update: February 2022

The purpose of this article is to display the network development figures reported for ChargePlace Scotland for February 2022. All figures published are applicable to publicly accessible units on the

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