In line with the sustained network growth, we will be implementing a “No Mandate, No Charge” policy. This will see accounts for which there is no direct debit mandate being temporarily restricted until such a time that invoices are settled / a new mandate is set up. This policy looks to ensure charge point owners are fully reimbursed for the energy usage across their charging points and prevent any possible attempts to defraud the network.

For this reason, we would like to ask drivers to sign in via their online account to check their mandate has been set up correctly. Thus allowing invoices to be processed for chargeable sessions, on a monthly basis. Regular account checking is a good practice for all online accounts – not only for CPS.

Please get in touch with our team directly if you have any queries regarding your account settings or invoices.

To set up your direct debit

  • Please sign in here
  • Navigate to “My Account” – located top right of your window
  • Then, navigate to the “Payment” tab

If you see the below message, please follow the link to set up a new direct debit mandate with our payment provider GoCardless