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The latest ChargePlace Scotland news – learn how our network operates and the ways we’re supporting Scotland’s EV drivers.

Setting Up an Account

The ChargePlace Scotland network provides a simple and convenient way for EV drivers to travel across Scotland with access to a range of charging facilities. Drivers can access charge points

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Account Set-Up (Outside UK)

Are you visiting Scotland this summer and driving an Electric vehicle but struggling to set up a ChargePlace Scotland account? Overseas visitors who do not have a UK bank account,

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ChargePlace Scotland Statement

Like many of our members, we have seen numerous articles concerned on the future of CPS including one claiming that ChargePlace Scotland would come to an end this summer. Please

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Dundee – Michelin Scotland Innovation Parc Charger availability

Please note that from Thursday 1st June 2023 there will be no access for 5 days due to planned power outage at the Michelin Scotland Innovation Parc, Dundee Please make

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Why Am I Seeing Old Charging Sessions on My Recent Invoice?

As an electric vehicle (EV) driver, you may have come across instances where you notice old charging sessions appearing on your recent invoice from ChargePlace Scotland. While this is generally

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New Charger Announcement

We are pleased to announce the following chargers on to our network. ChargePlace Scotland do not set any tariffs that are applied to the charge points but will refer owners

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