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Error with VAT application – RFID Cards

We are aware that there is an issue with the latest invoice which shows new RFID cards being charged at £12, £10 + VAT. This is incorrect. New RFID cards

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What’s happening with invoicing?

Following feedback from customers, we have taken some extra time to revisit customer accounts and invoicing, with a commitment to ensuring the highest degree of accuracy, and to ensure that

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Charge Point Faults – Who does what?

“Why has this charger not worked for the last month!” is a question we get asked. “It’s all ChargePlace Scotland’s fault” is also something we get said to us. However,

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What do CPS do?

ChargePlace Scotland is the name for the national electric vehicle charging infrastructure for Scotland, but we are so much more than just a name. Based at the Michelin Scotland Innovation

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The EV Rally of Scotland – Day 1

In light of COP26 the importance of showcasing the Scottish EV charging infrastructure to the world is critical. This week sees the start of the EV Rally of Scotland (#EVROS).

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COP26 – What you need to know

COP26 Glasgow CPS Chargers Impacted by Road Closures The arrival of COP26 will see travel around Glasgow significantly impacted as world leaders, delegates and climate activists gather to discuss the

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