Following feedback from customers, we have taken some extra time to revisit customer accounts and invoicing, with a commitment to ensuring the highest degree of accuracy, and to ensure that all customers get the required notice that payments will be taken out of their account.

We have also looked further into a few chargers returning unusual energy consumption figures that have required investigation and manual intervention.

We have also taken feedback about moving invoicing to the end of the month to coincide with payday, hoping to make invoicing a little easier for customers as we approach the holiday season.

Our final check has been to ensure that the correct tariffs are in place for each of the outstanding 330,000 or so charging sessions.

We are planning to populate the online customer accounts with invoices on Monday 29th and Tuesday 30th November, covering the period July 27th – October 31, 2021. We will then start to take payments from 2/3 December, as per your GoCardless mandate.

It is anticipated that November invoices will be available in online accounts for mid- December, and mid-month billing for the previous month will be the normal billing cycle, going forward.

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Should you wish to check tariffs please see the information here

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