The impressive membership and usage growth figures seen across the network also see new and historic chargers being added to the public charging map. This from both new investments but also as our team works with the relevant parties to bring back online units which had previously failed to migrate or had lost communication for a significant period of time. All of which further encourage uptake and provide drivers with more charging options. There are currently 2,256 publicly available charge points, 96 newly commissioned units in the last quarter alone.

We continue to work through and bring back online units which have never communicated with the network. This requires swapping the sim card to establish a connection and process the historic charging data resulting in charge point owners seeing historic revenue recuperated.

When these non-communicative units are brought back into communication with the network, the charging data for the period in which there has been no connection is then uploaded to the back office system. This historic charging data will then appear on driver invoices for the sessions incurred. These sessions must be collected as the charge point owner looks to cover their energy costs which is critical to the sustained growth and upkeep of the network.

As a driver, you can sign in at the following link to view your charging history, order an RFID card, update your account/payment details and view your invoices.

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As always, we encourage drivers to get in touch if they have any queries or concerns regarding their account or invoices.

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