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ChargePlace Scotland is a national network of electric vehicle charge points available across Scotland. The ChargePlace Scotland network has been developed by the Scottish Government through grant funding of Local Authorities and other organisations to install publicly available charge points. Recipients of the funding are known as 'Hosts'. A Host is the designated owner of the charge points they have installed and are also responsible for maintenance and general upkeep of their charge points. The ChargePlace Scotland network is operated on behalf of the Scottish Government by Charge Your Car Ltd.

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EV driver

ChargePlace Scotland provides a simple and convenient way for EV drivers to travel across Scotland with access to a range of charging facilities. Drivers can access charging through the use of a ChargePlace Scotland Access Card or online at www.chargeplacescotland.org. To register for the network, you will need to provide some basic details along with your bank details. Please click on the 'Join us' tab above for more information, or call the ChargePlace Scotland Customer Helpdesk on 0141 648 0750.

How it works

Step 1

Step 1

Create an account

Register online with ChargePlace Scotland (CPS) by filling-in the driver sign-up form. Once this is complete, you can sign-in to your CPS portal and also use the same details to sign-in to the CPS mobile website.

Step 2

Step 2

Register your bank details*

Before you can order and use an Access Card you will need to sign-in to your CPS portal to register your bank details for charging session pre-authorisation. If you register via the website, this will be in the form of a direct debit. If you register via the ChargeYourCar app, this will be in the form of debit or credit card details.

Step 3

Step 3

Purchase an Access Card

Once you have registered and added a payment method, you can order an RFID Access Card, allowing you to access all CPS charge points. Initial cost = £20 per annum.

Step 4

Step 4

Charge Your Car

You are now ready to start using the CPS network. If you need any assistance when charging call our Helpline on 0141 648 0750.

*Direct Debits are processed through GoCardless and debit or credit card details are processed through Pay360, our secure payment providers.


For more information please visit our Help centre.

Charge Point Hosts

ChargePlace Scotland operates by providing a single national charge point management system to which charge point owners can connect charge points, making the posts visible to all Electric Vehicle drivers via the ChargePlace Scotland live status map. ChargePlace Scotland enables charge point owners to set the tariff for each charge point, collect payment for usage, and provides alerts in the event of a fault.

How it works

Join us on an electric journey

ChargePlace Scotland connects charge point networks and owners with EV drivers, promoting your charge points to EV drivers across the UK and providing a fully managed service that includes making your charge points visible to and accessible by all EV drivers, enabling you to set the tariff for each charge point on the network, and collecting revenue from your charge points on your behalf. In the event of a fault requiring maintenance or repair, the CPS helpline will contact your designated maintenance team. This service is provided on a branded or unbranded (white label) basis i.e. if you are a network operator, we can show your brand on the live map. If you are an individual charge point owner, or not part of a branded network, your charge point(s) will simply appear as part of the CPS network. To join the CPS network and get instant access to a growing number of plug-in electric vehicle drivers throughout the UK you will need a charge point that is OCPP compliant. OCPP stands for Open Charge Point Protocol, an open protocol that is becoming the most widely used standard to connect charge points to management systems around the world. Find out more about OCPP here. Charge point manufacturers that have been approved by CPS to date are: ABB, APT, Chargemaster, DBT, Elektromotive, ICU, Ensto Chago and Siemens. The full service:
  • Become part of the national recharging network and promote your charge points to electric vehicle drivers across the UK.
  • Promote your charge points on the charge point map available on this website and the CPS mobile website.
  • Set your own visibility, tariffs and access rights – the charge point management system (CPMS) is flexible enough to allow you to offer different access rights and tariffs for different charge points and user groups such as fleets, employees and visitors). We can provide you with free advice if you wish.
  • Receive payments from revenue collected from EV drivers by CPS on your behalf.
  • Access usage data, status reports and energy consumption and change access and tariffs via your own personalised pages of the website.
  • CPS operate a 24/7/365 helpdesk and you or your designated charge point maintenance provider will be informed of any issues.
  • Choose the CPS maintenance support package for a fully managed service.

Contact us to discuss your individual requirements and find out more.

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