We are on a mission to get Scotland driving EVs

ChargePlace Scotland is Scotland’s national Electric Vehicle (EV) charging network. We’re owned and have been developed by the Scottish Government, and funded in partnership through a public grant from Local Authorities and other organisations.

We’re aiming to make owning an EV accessible for all Scottish drivers by installing charge points across Scotland – from Shetland to the Scottish borders.

Our network has grown from 55 public charge points in 2013 to over 2,100 in 2021. You can see all of our publicly available chargers and their status on our live map – where you can also see the charger type and LIVE availability.

We’re growing our network all the time, with new charge points installed regularly with the ongoing support of Transport Scotland – all to offer our members more charging places, more ways to save money and more benefits.

Home of the Electric A9

EVs will help all of Scotland reduce greenhouse gas emissions, improve air quality, and support our national renewable energy ambitions. To make it happen though, they must be viable for all of Scotland.

That’s why we’re proud to introduce the Electric A9. Scotland’s longest EV-ready route will stand as a beacon to those at home and abroad. It is a clear signal that EVs are a viable, sustainable option now, and that the provision of this infrastructure clearly supports the Scottish Government’s vision to phase out the need for new petrol and diesel cars and vans by 2032.

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Whether you’re new to EV looking to learn the basics or an experienced driver wanting to know more about our network – our Help Centre has all the answers about ChargePlace Scotland.
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