Improvements Planned to Charge Point Information Pages

As part of our audit and rebranding process currently taking place on the ChargePlace Scotland network, the ChargePlace Scotland website will soon be providing enhanced user information about the charge points on our network across Scotland. As well as providing information about the charge points, information will also be provided on charge point charging tariffs… Read more »

New Charge Points for Aberdeen

As part of the ChargePlace Christmas countdown we are pleased to announce that a Rapid Charger and a 22kW will be joining the ChargePlace Scotland network in early 2017 at Kingswell Park and Ride in Aberdeen. The charge point is expected to be commissioned and available on the ChargePlace Scotland network by the end of… Read more »

The ChargePlace Christmas Countdown Begins Tomorrow

At ChargePlace Scotland we have lots of reasons to celebrate because we are in the final stages of the rebranding process which will see lots of changes to improve your EV charging network. We are so excited in fact we will be counting down the twelve days to Christmas with some of the great things… Read more »

November at a Glance on the ChargePlace Scotland Network

You guys were certainly busy in November. You clocked up a total of 29,216 charging sessions, taking 207,125 kWh in total. You’ve travelled from Land’s End to John O’Groats 869 times on your EV miles; or to the Moon and back, and then back to the Moon again. On the power you’ve drawn you could… Read more »

Used EV Market Rises ‘Substantially’

As the demand for Electric Vehicles enjoys steady growth, so too has the demand for used alternatively fuelled vehicles. According to a report by the SMMT, sales of used alternatively fuelled vehicles ‘rose substantially’ by 94.1% between July and September as new fuel technology becomes more openly available making EVs and PHEVs more viable options… Read more »