Accessing the network

The ChargePlace Scotland network provides a simple and convenient way for EV drivers to travel across Scotland with access to a range of charging facilities. Drivers can access charge points by using a ChargePlace Scotland RFID access card, via the ChargePlace Scotland smartphone app or via the webpay link –

Network Access

ChargePlace Scotland is Scotland’s national Electric Vehicle (EV) charging network. Owned and developed by the Scottish Government, it has been developed through public grant funding of Local Authorities and other organisations to install charge points across Scotland from Shetland to the Scottish borders. The network has grown from 55 public charge points in 2013 to over 2,500 in 2023.

The terms and conditions can be seen here

Once you are happy with the T&Cs login to your account as usual. If you get an error message of “access denied” delete your cookies and try again. You should then have access to your account information.

To access the network and start charging your EV, simply register for a ChargePlace Scotland account and order an access card by putting a cross in the appropriate box. There is a one off fee, of £12, for this card which will be added to your account.

Once your access card arrives, you can then use it to charge your EV at any charge point displayed on our live map. We do recommend ordering an RFID card due to the remote location of some chargers impacting phone signal for app use.

Our live map can be used to locate and navigate to charge points on the ChargePlace Scotland network, and provides details about the location, type, status and availability of each unit.

To access charge points on the ChargePlace Scotland network, you can either download our free ChargePlace Scotland app (iOS and Android) or order an access card, at a one off fee of £12 per card. You can then use your access card to charge your EV at a high majority of the charge points on our network.

While we make every endeavour to represent tariffs as accurately as possible, the host/owner has the responsibility to ensure tariff information is readily available through local signage and online.

We always recommend checking our live map, local signage and the charge point owners website before commencing with a charging session.

Parking fees will vary as each charge point host is responsible for setting and enforcing these. We recommend checking local signage and our live map for details of parking fees before starting any charging sessions.

Some units on the ChargePlace Scotland network have been privately funded by the charge point host, therefore the host may choose to restrict public access. We recommend checking if a charge point is displayed on our live map before attempting to start a charging session.

Your ChargePlace Scotland access card will work with all charging units if the charge point is displayed on our live map. To start a charging session on a charger, either present your RFID card to the units card reader or enter the charger details into the app to wake up the charging unit. Or you can alternatively start a charge via 

Charge Your Car network members can NO LONGER use their access card to start a charge on the ChargePlace Scotland network. Please register for a new ChargePlace Scotland account.

For information on setting up an account if you live outside of the UK, please refer to the following article to be able to order an RFID card.

Account Set-Up (Outside UK) – Charge Place Scotland

Currently, your CPS account will allow you access to the public charging network in Scotland only.

Watch this space – we are working towards interoperability with other charging networks throughout the UK.

Access Cards

Once your ChargePlace Scotland access card has been requested, it should arrive within 10-14 business days of being ordered.

If you have lost your ChargePlace Scotland access card, please call our Service Centre team on 0141 648 0750 to request a replacement

Yes, you can order more than one ChargePlace Scotland access card. A one off fee of £12 per card will apply for each access card you purchase, added to your account. Alternatively, you can download the free app.

No, you may not share your ChargePlace Scotland access card with another person. If you share your access card, our team may be unable to support you as we use the personal details registered to your account to verify your identity.

No, you do not need to activate your ChargePlace Scotland access card on arrival. Your card will be ready to use immediately as no activation is required.

If your ChargePlace Scotland access card appears to be faulty, please test it on different charge points to confirm the issue is not just with one unit. Once you have done this, please notify us of the issue you are experiencing and how you have tested your card by completing the contact form on our website or calling our Service Centre on 0141 648 0750

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