Plug in adventures reach day 17 of their journey

It is now day 17 with more updates from Chris Ramsey whilst on his incredible journey through Europe, as Team Plug in Adventure continue the Mongol Rally in a fully electric car. Driving an EV in unfamiliar territories can seem rather daunting, but Chris is showing us how it can be done, with a lot… Read more »

Plug In Adventures’ Top 5 Tips for Driving EV in Europe

Planning to pop over to Europe this summer in your EV? Chris Ramsey of Plug In Adventures took a little break from his Mongol Rally Adventure to tell us his top tips on driving an EV through Europe.   Preparation is Everything As with any long distance road trip, Chris says planning is key. Make sure… Read more »

Plug In Adventures Reach Bulgaria in an EV in just 8 Days

Just over a week after setting off on the Mongol Rally, Team Plug In Adventure have made it all the way to Bulgaria. Chris, Panda and Hamish the Highland Coo have passed through 6 countries in just 8 days fuelled by nothing but pure electric in their LEAF AT-EV* Chris Ramsey and his companions set off… Read more »

New Tariff at 203020 Taxis, Dundee

A tariff will now apply to use charge points hosted by 203020 Taxis, Dundee. Use of charge points will now cost £0.15 p/kWh with a minimum cost of £2.00. The charge points affected by this new tariff are: 50769 50770 50771 50773 50874 50875 50876 50877 50878 50772

Q&A with Plug In Adventures

Chris Ramsey catches up with ChargePlace Scotland just under a week before he sets off on the Mongol Rally in his new All-terrain Nissan LEAF and chats to us about going EV, planning his adventure, and offers a few handy tips to get the most range out of your EV.   What made you go… Read more »