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This new reporting page is a work in progress and will be updated with further information, refinements, and future developments over time. Currently the report utilises real time status information direct from each unit in producing an uptime return and captures ticket information raised over the course of the month in question. Not all tickets raised are necessarily reflective of a period of downtime.

The charge points on the CPS network are owned by over 400 different charge point hosts (also known as ‘owners’.) across over 2,400 individual charge points. The owners are local authorities, other public bodies, charities and businesses who have received grant funding from the Scottish Government to procure and install EV charge points for public use. It is the owner who decides what type of charge point to procure and where they wish to install it. In addition to this, the charge point owners are responsible for ongoing maintenance and the tariff rate applied to the charge point. CPS do not play any role in setting tariff rates and will refer owners to independent guidance, such as that offered by EVA Scotland.

The Monthly Charge Point Performance link below will take you to more detailed datasets on individual public charge point performance. The table below is a summary of the number of public EV chargers, ticketspower drawn and sessions per month for the charge points within each of Scotland’s Local Authority areas. Note that these are not necessarily all owned by the respective Local Authorities. 

April – Network Performance Data

Local Authority Area (Not Owner*)Tickets RaisedPower Drawn (kWh)SessionsTotal Number of chargers per areaUptime % (Overall for month)
Aberdeen City4775,70736667699.21%
Argyll and Bute6168,86232567696.81%
City of Edinburgh135175,8311092118897.88%
Dumfries and Galloway7358,706269920498.96%
Dundee City60187,064857811296.16%
East Ayrshire79137,33859537897.16%
East Dunbartonshire2026,38915762196.47%
East Lothian4375,109369110797.55%
East Renfrewshire1723,56412172298.17%
Glasgow City127170,060866021798.85%
Na h-Eileanan an Iar2215,5537494799.53%
North Ayrshire5181,32138825796.81%
North Lanarkshire71123,423586815797.54%
Orkney Islands815,0699083499.60%
Perth and Kinross72122,96760019097.66%
Scottish Borders4449,43428235096.02%
Shetland Islands1310,8385093399.65%
South Ayrshire7475,98832984195.89%
South Lanarkshire67121,506573216998.09%
West Dunbartonshire4338,33719013096.18%
West Lothian2857,23229445898.97%

Local Authority Area: This has been categorised by region; however, this is not necessarily the owner of the charge point, this is just where the charger is located.

Tickets / Month: The total number of any issue, query or fault raised in the month specific to the charger. This could include- tariff query, RFID request, remote activation assistance, how-to advice, user error, machine fault.

Power Drawn (kWh): The total number of kWh drawn from all the charge point sessions in that local authority area.

Sessions: The number of charging sessions per LA area per month.

Total Number of Chargers per Area: The total number of charging points available in the LA area, owned by the LA, other public bodies, charities and businesses.

Uptime %: System calculation of cumulative “unavailable” periods versus potential monthly availability.

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