Are you visiting Scotland this summer and driving an Electric vehicle but struggling to set up a ChargePlace Scotland account?

Overseas visitors who do not have a UK bank account, must create a ‘WISE’ account, which will generate an official UK bank account number, sort code, and IBAN. This can then be used to set up the GoCardless mandate (once you have created a driver account),as this will allow payment to be taken for charging sessions on the network. Once completed and you have included your WISE details to the account, we can issue RFID card to a UK address. If you are travelling you may wish to check with your hotel or accommodation if we can post direct to their address. Alternatively, if you are passing Dundee you can call to arrange collection of your RFID card in person (0141 648 0750).

1. Create a Wise Account

1.1 Using a web browser, search for and click on the ‘Register’ icon at the top right of the page

1.2 Next, you will then need to complete the registration details

1.3 Select ‘Open an account in a new currency’ and complete your details

1.4 Once the account is registered/set-up, you will need to log into you new wise account and navigate to the ‘Manage’ option at the left hand side.

1.5 Next, select the ‘Account details’ option

1.6 Then, select the ‘British Pound’ option

1.7 A bank transfer is then required, with a minimum of £20 into the account

1.8 Once you have verified your identity (from passport details, driving license information,
etc.), this will then generate a UK Sort Code, Account Number and IBAN.

These details can then be used to set up payment with GoCardless when registering an
account with us. If you have already registered, log into your account and add in your bank details as requested.
Once you have set up your account you can order an RFID card.