The ChargePlace Scotland network provides a simple and convenient way for EV drivers to travel across Scotland with access to a range of charging facilities. Drivers can access charge points by using a ChargePlace Scotland RFID access card, via the ChargePlace Scotland smartphone app or via the webpay link –

When you create an account you can:

  • Order an RFID card to activate chargers
  • Download the ChargePlace Scotland app
  • View your charging session history and invoices

You can see charge point availability, location and tariff information via the ChargePlace Scotland website map by clicking here.

How do I set up an account?

To register for a ChargePlace Scotland account, enter in your details on the registration screen. Before submitting you can select to purchase an RFID card and read the T&C’s, Privacy Notice and Scheme Terms

Do I need an RFID card to access the network?

No, you do not need to purchase an RFID card to access the network. However, due to the location of some charge points, the mobile phone connectivity may not always be the best in some remote areas so we highly reccomend you order an RFID card to minimise any issues along the way. Please take into account that some machines on our network do not accept contactless, mobile app or webpay but all charge points accept RFID card.

I do not have a UK bank account, how do I access the network?

Overseas visitors who do not have a UK bank account, must create a ‘WISE’ account, which will generate an official UK bank account number, sort code, and IBAN. For full instructions see below.