2020 was a big year for ChargePlace Scotland, with growth in many key areas, including member numbers and the number of chargers available on the network.

Despite a global pandemic, the Scottish public charging network continued to expand in 2020 to meet increased demand for electric vehicle charging solutions and to support the Scottish Government’s Net-Zero ambitions.

Network highlights from 2020 include:


The number of ChargePlace Scotland members increased by 54%

We welcomed over 7,000 new members to the network, with
record numbers signing up as the lockdown began to ease



The number of chargers on the network
increased by 26%

We commissioned over 300 new chargers on the network,
including the first 150kW charging unit in Scotland



The number of charging sites on the network increased by 8%

Over 70 new charge point sites were added to the network, including
charging hubs and many more sites with multiple chargers



We provided twice as much electricity to drivers
as we did in 2019

Over 10 million kWh of electricity was provided to drivers in Scotland,
with many zero-emission journeys powered by free electricity



We reached a new milestone of 1,500 charge points being available for our members to use

We continued to add more charge points to the network, to provide
affordable and accessible charging solutions for all our members



Whether you’re one of our network members, charge point hosts, or were involved in any other way, we’d like to say a big thank you to everyone who played a part in the growth of the network in 2020.

We look forward to further expansion and developments in 2021 – thanks for helping us to get Scotland driving electric!