The purpose of this article is to display the network development figures reported for ChargePlace Scotland for April 2022.

All figures published are applicable to publicly accessible units on the ChargePlace Scotland network only, with the network uptime figure given being the monthly average and the figures reported for new charging units being for the reporting month only.

New Charge Points

April 2022 saw network growth continue with 30 new chargers added, taking the total to 2,259 publicly available chargers through ChargePlace Scotland.

CPIDLocationCharger Type
60786Academy Street Hurlford7kW
60791Brodick Street7kW
60652Dalgety Bay22kW
60194Elderslie Village Hall7kW
60471Garadh a Baragh a Teuth22kW
60472Garadh a Baragh a Teuth22kW
60635Gellatly Car Park22kW
60636Gellatly Car Park 22kW
60637Gellatly Car Park 22kW
60638Gellatly Car Park 22kW
60639Gellatly Car Park 22kW
60640Gellatly Car Park 22kW
60641Gellatly Car Park 22kW
60642Gellatly Car Park 22kW
60643Gellatly Car Park 22kW
60644Gellatly Car Park 22kW
60195Great Hamilton Street7kW
60648Killin Health Centre7kW
60198Livery Walk7kW
60654Lower Largo22kW
60788Maryhill Health Centre22kW
60343Migdale Hospital7kW
60344Migdale Hospital7kW
60197Miliken Road7kW
60335Moray Street Car Park22kW
60651Oakley Centre22kW
60342Smithys Community Hub22kW
60655Tay Bridge22kW
60787Woodside Health Centre7kW