Effective 25/01/2024: A pre-authorisation fee will be applied when drivers initiate a webpay session. Formerly, this fee stood at £35 for AC chargers and £45 for DC chargers.

Key Update: A pre-authorisation fee of £75 has been introduced. This measure is implemented to ensure the seamless execution of transactions and to fortify security protocols.

Reasons for the Adjustment:

  • Efficiency: Expedited and streamlined payment processing.
  • Security: Enhanced protection mechanisms for your financial transactions.

Critical Information:

  • The £75 pre-authorisation fee is a temporary hold.
  • Activation occurs when selecting Stripe for webpay sessions.
  • The pre-authorised amount is released post the completion of your transaction

For any inquiries or clarifications, our dedicated support team is available at 0141 648 0750 or email admin@chargeplacescotland.org