ChargePlace Scotland X Be-EV Launch

An exciting development we have been working on recently is the first stage in a trial of intra-operability which will see CPS drivers able to make use of charging points across the BE-EV network.

We’ve engaged at length with Be-EV themselves to bring this to life and believe it’s a great step forward for both sets of members across the respective networks.

This will allow drivers to use their CPS account to access a multitude of chargers across Greater Manchester and the North of England.

For more information on Be-EV head over to their website at

Currently, the ChargePlace Scotland network offer 2,259 publicly available charge points across Scotland – this partnership brings in an added 110 charge points and will provide the testing bed for further collaboration with additional networks.

We hope that the success of the trial helps pave the way for future network interoperability; bringing more charging options to the driver through a single unified point of access.

Charging on Be-EV

To activate a BE-EV charging point simply scan your CPS RFID card and follow the same charging process as required on a CPS unit.

Drivers can also locate the charge point ID number to use the CPS mobile app or webpay link and follow the instructions on your mobile device

Billing & Support

Charging sessions undertaken on Be-EV chargers will appear under your ChargePlace Scotland account and be billed alongside CPS sessions in the monthly invoicing run.

Sign in to your CPS account for an overview of your charging sessions and invoices.

For live support troubleshooting any charging issue on the Be-EV network, please get in touch with the Be-EV service team on:

0800 917 3208

Head over to our Help Centre to find answers to any questions you may have about accessing the CPS network.

Whether new to driving an EV, an experienced network user or are just seeking more information on CPS, our Help Centre is designed to answer questions we are most frequently asked about the network.