The purpose of this article is to display the network development figures reported for ChargePlace Scotland for June 2022.

All figures published are applicable to publicly accessible units on the ChargePlace Scotland network only, with the network uptime figure given being the monthly average and the figures reported for new charging units being for the reporting month only.

June 2022 saw network growth continue with 46 new chargers added, taking the total to 2,289 publicly available chargers through ChargePlace Scotland

CPIDSupplierLocationCharger Type
61423BP ChargemasterStation Hotel Perth22kW AC
61424BP ChargemasterLadhope Vale – Galashiels22kW AC
61425BP ChargemasterStirling Street – Galashiels22kW AC
60867BP ChargemasterKilmallie Community Centre7kW AC
60869BP ChargemasterO’Connell Street Car Park22kW AC
60202SwarcoCastle Semple Country Park7kW AC
60204SwarcoCastle Semple Country Park7kW AC
60794SwarcoWheatley Group22kW AC
60795SwarcoWheatley Group22kW AC
60796SwarcoWheatley Group22kW AC
60723SwarcoBellies Brae22kW AC
60196SwarcoGreat Hamilton Street7kW AC
60341SwarcoPortree Hospital7kW AC
60345SwarcoBettyhill 7kW AC
60732SwarcoArctech7kW AC
60793SwarcoDailly Activity Centre22kW AC
60781SwarcoHanover Street Car Park22kW AC
60339SwarcoDunvehan Health Centre22kW AC
60663SwarcoKemper Avenue22kW AC
60664SwarcoKemper Avenue22kW AC
60662SwarcoCaird Avenue7kW AC
60489SwarcoHalbeath Park & Ride50kW Rapid
60078SwarcoRollock Depot7kW AC
60871SwarcoBalfron Health Centre22kW AC
60075SwarcoBarlanark Community Centre7kW AC
60076SwarcoBarlanark Community Centre7kW AC
60077SwarcoBarlanark Community Centre7kW AC
60872SwarcoBack Sneddon7kW
60873SwarcoBack Sneddon7kW
60626SwarcoBantaskine Road22kW
60665SwarcoMars Hill22kW
60666SwarcoSchool Road, Muckhart22kW
60263SwarcoScotstoun Stadium7kW
60264SwarcoScotstoun Stadium22kW
60265SwarcoScotstoun Stadium22kW
60192SwarcoJohnstone Town Hall7kW
60193SwarcoJohnstone Town Hall7kW
60673SwarcoBalgownie West Car Park22kW
60668SwarcoTaste Perthshire50kW Rapid
60669SwarcoTaste Perthshire7kW AC
60670SwarcoTaste Perthshire7kW AC
60671SwarcoFrazer Avenue7kW AC
60680SwarcoMill O Mains Primary School7kW AC
60681SwarcoBalmerino Road7kW AC
60682SwarcoDundee Ice Arena50kW Rapid
60922SwarcoCraigpark7kW AC