Drivers please note, we are aware of some connectivity issues following scheduled data centre maintenance carried out by the data provider. This has resulted in communication difficulties across parts of the network.

Our team continues to work with the data providers to resolve the issues. If you require immediate assistance in activating a unit please give our team a call.

0141 648 0750

We apologise for any inconvenience caused and will provide further updates where possible.

We are still seeing +750 active charging sessions across the network due to units which default to a cached vend process to allow drivers to activate sessions despite the connection issues. These units validate the RFID card and store the transaction, once the unit is back in communication this cached data is updated on the system and the drivers account.

Update 10:00 – Data provider continues to investigate the upstream connectivity issues with high priority. Our internal teams have carried out troubleshooting and confidently state this is not an internal issue – ongoing conversation between the parties to source the root cause of the issue and provide a resolution continues.

Update 11:00 – Connectivity issues caused by the data centre outage have been resolved. This was a nation wide issue impacting multiple mobile network providers.