Network management

If you have a question about the management of the ChargePlace Scotland network, we’ve answered some of our most frequently asked questions about this topic on this page.

We report on performance to Transport Scotland, on a monthly basis. Where performance is below the agreed target we add a narrative to explain why we have not achieved the target and what has been done to remedy the situation. KPI reports are available here

If you observe a fault with a charger on the ChargePlace Scotland network, please use our fault reporting form to provide us with information about the fault.

New charge points will be added to the ChargePlace Scotland network when they have completed all testing. Once these units have been fully commissioned, they will be displayed on our live map and promoted on our social media pages.

Adding a charger to the ChargePlace Scotland network is a great way to reward your employees, support existing customers or attract new business. To enquire about adding a charger to the network, please email

Do you have a question about accessing the network that hasn’t been answered on this page?
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