Electric Vehicle resources

To assist with the adoption of Electric Vehicles (EVs) in Scotland, we have developed resources and guidelines for the fair use of the ChargePlace Scotland network. It is vital that EV drivers treat each other with courtesy as the network grows and more EV drivers join up, to help get Scotland driving electric.

Can I access the ChargePlace Scotland network if I do not drive an Electric Vehicle?
Only drivers who wish to charge an Electric Vehicle may access the ChargePlace Scotland network. Charge point hosts may enforce fines if non-electric vehicles are occupying the parking bays reserved for Electric Vehicle charging.
What is the appropriate etiquette for using the ChargePlace Scotland network?
Electric Vehicle drivers rely on access to the public charging network to travel throughout Scotland, which is why we have developed a guide for the appropriate etiquette for using the network. Please read our Electric Vehicle Charging Etiquette guide to learn more.
Where can I access more guidance like this?
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