Charging Your Electric Vehicle

The ChargePlace Scotland network offers a range of options for charging your Electric Vehicle (EV) in Scotland. The network offers both many charging options and is compatible with many different types of EVs.

A large percentage 0f the electric vehicle chargers on the ChargePlace Scotland network can be accessed for free, however we recommend checking the “price” section for the charge point you wish to use in the more information page of our live map, local signage and owners website before starting a charging session.

Most electric vehicles are compatible with the ChargePlace Scotland network, although some older chargers may struggle to charge newer vehicles. Members should always ensure the charger and cable they are using is compatible with their vehicle before attempting to start a charging session.

To use the chargers on the ChargePlace Scotland network, you will first need to plug the cable into your car, wake the chargers by using your RFID card  or the ChargePlace Scotland app to activate the unit, then after an audible beep place the charging cable into the appropriate charging socket and start the charging session.

If your Electric Vehicle is not charging as fast as you expected on the ChargePlace Scotland network, this is likely to be caused by the charging cable or the connector you are using. If you frequently experience this issue, please use our fault reporting form to provide more information so we can investigate this further.

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