Charge Place Scotland is an organisation that plays a vital role in the national electric vehicle (EV) charging infrastructure in Scotland. The network that ChargePlace Scotland encompasses, and monitors consists of over 2000 chargers, owned by over 450 different organisations such as local authorities and independent businesses. These chargers are spread across the entirety of Scotland, from the Borders to the islands, providing EV drivers with convenient public access to charging stations.

ChargePlace Scotland offer a single unified point of access to this extensive collection of charge points, monitor overall performance, and liaise with owners and suppliers alike where issues are raised or identified.

It is important to note that ChargePlace Scotland does not own any of the charging infrastructure; instead, the ownership of the chargers lies with the organisations that applied for and received funding for them; and who have taken that step to supply publicly accessible charging across the country.

While we work closely with owners as they work to maintain balance in public accessibility versus energy costs, Chargeplace Scotland do not set any tariffs that are applied to the charge points but will refer owners to seek independent guidance, such as that offered by EVA Scotland. We do work in partnership to ensure owners do have appropriate signage where necessary on location and that our website reflects the most up to date information and is reflective of the owners estate.

The ChargePlace Scotland website and mobile app allow EV drivers to manage their accounts, start and stop charges, and access information about the charging network. We also provide 24/7 telephone support and email support for both drivers and the charge point owners, as well as a social media presence.

ChargePlace Scotland provides a high-quality service to its customers and partners. We regularly provide data on performance to Transport Scotland to ensure that it meets the required standards. To date, ChargePlace Scotland has received a 93% satisfaction rating from its customers, with over 60,000 taking part in rating their charging experience over the last 18 months.

The team at ChargePlace Scotland is made up of over 40 highly trained staff members, with all of them undergoing extensive training to provide the best possible service to EV drivers and charge point owners. The organisation’s central hub is located at the Michelin Scotland Innovation Park (MSIP) in Dundee, and the team is dedicated to ensuring that the EV charging network in Scotland is one of the most responsive and user-friendly in the world.

We have a dedicated customer care team available 24/7, every day of the year. Please call our helpline at 0141 648 0750 for immediate assistance.

Updated figures – 23/10/2023