To help you to stay safe and prepared on the treacherous winter roads, we have drawn up a concise list of driving essentials to aid you in the event of a winter breakdown.

Ice Scraper/De-Icer

Nobody likes waking up or coming back to a car frozen over and this basic but essential bit of kit is key to getting you back in your cosy car and on the road again.

Torch and Spare Batteries

Becoming stranded during the cold winter nights can be dangerous for a number of reasons. A torch can not only help you to light your way for repairs or get to safety but alert other road users of your presence. Spare batteries as a backup or even better a wind-up torch.

A Fully Charged Mobile

Not for watching cute dog videos. Being able to call for assistance when broken down or in trouble is crucial. By having a fully charged mobile phone and either an in car charging option or even better a portable charger, you will look to cut down the response time and get yourself on your merry way. Also, having a list of contacts at hand to call in your time of need would be beneficial.

Sat-Nav or Atlas

If the journey is unfamiliar make sure you have access to a sat-nav or maps app as well as a paper copy of the journey. The ChargePlace Scotland map can be used to find alternative charge points if access is limited. Some areas of the country have questionable phone signal, which could be further impacted by the harsh weather – packing a road atlas would be a good insurance policy for rerouting. Further to this, understanding your vehicle and its range capabilities during the colder months are key to not ending up stranded.

Warm Clothing

A breakdown could result in a long wait with little to no heat. Packing extra warm clothing and a blanket is very sensible.  


This tool will come in very handy to free your vehicle if there is deep snow. If the conditions are to this extreme, please only travel if the journey is essential.


An essential for any road trip. Getting caught up in traffic or becoming stranded could see you in for a long wait. Snacks can help keep your energy and concentration levels up for the remainder or the journey. Additionally, a flask with a warm drink and a bottle of water.

Jump Pack

Flat or dead batteries can occur to any vehicle. Always check with your vehicle manufacturers recommendations on how to deal with a flat battery – something worth knowing before becoming stranded.

First Aid Supplies

A small first aid kit to look to treat any minor injuries and any medication you may be scheduled to take for longer journeys to ensure concentration levels remain high.


If you do need to leave your vehicle whilst at the roadside then we recommend a high-visibility jacket and reflective warning triangles to make you and your vehicles status visible to other road users.


Not one you would necessarily think of straight away, however the low winter sunshine glare can catch drivers out and seriously impact your vision.

Staying on top of general vehicle maintenance, planning your journeys, safe driving practices all edge toward preventing such instances; however on the unfortunate occasion other factors outwith your control come in to play. This showing the great importance to prepare for journeys during the harsh winter months as the odds of breaking down, becoming stranded or being involved in an accident increase significantly.

If you are caught up in the bad weather whilst trying to get your vehicle charged on the ChargePlace Scotland network and require immediate assistance – please give us a call on 0141 648 0750.