Have you ever wondered how the ChargePlace Scotland public charging network operates and why certain processes are in place? We’ll tell you all you need to know in this blog post.

What is ChargePlace Scotland?

ChargePlace Scotland is Scotland’s national Electric Vehicle (EV) charging network. Owned and developed by the Scottish Government, and funded in partnership through a public grant from Local Authorities and other organisations. The ChargePlace Scotland network has grown from 55 public charge points in 2013 to over 1,000 in 2020. New charge points are installed regularly on the network, with the ongoing support of Transport Scotland.

How is ChargePlace Scotland different to other charging networks?

All charge points installed on the ChargePlace Scotland network are owned by the owner of the site the charger is installed at. We refer to these site owners as charge point hosts and they are responsible for the governance and maintenance of these charge points, including any parking restrictions.

How does ChargePlace Scotland support the adoption of zero-emission vehicles in Scotland?

ChargePlace Scotland works with charge point hosts to ensure charge points remain affordable and accessible, to support the adoption of zero-emission vehicles throughout Scotland. The network continues to be developed with the ongoing support of Transport Scotland, through the provision of funding for infrastructure and other forms of support for the network.

Which vehicles can access the ChargePlace Scotland network?

All battery-electric vehicles (BEVs) and plug-in hybrid electric vehicles (PHEVs) with compatible charging ports can access the network once the driver has signed up as a network member. We recommend checking our map of charge points to ensure the charge point you wish to use offers a compatible connector type.

What is a charge point on the ChargePlace Scotland network?

A charge point is the site where EV charging takes place, which usually provides the option for more than one EV to park and charge for a sufficient amount of time to top up the vehicle’s battery. Our map of all publicly-accessible charge points can be filtered by the type, cost and availability of charge points.

What is the cost of accessing charge points on the ChargePlace Scotland network?

Many of the charge points on the network allow EV drivers to charge their vehicle for free once they have paid for their annual subscription.

How can I access the ChargePlace Scotland network?

To access the network and start charging your EV, you simply need to register for a ChargePlace Scotland account and order an RFID access card. The Charge Your Car app provides an alternative method for network members to access charge points and is available to download from the Google Play store and the App store. Many of the 50kW and 150kW units on the network that have a charging tariff applied also offer contactless as a payment method, such as those at the Wallyford Park and Choose Charging Hub.

Can anyone add a charge point to the ChargePlace Scotland network?

ChargePlace Scotland welcomes enquiries from businesses seeking to help get Scotland driving electric through the provision of EV charging options for their employees and customers. Funding is available to assist businesses with installing charge points. All enquiries about adding charge points to the network should be emailed to electricvehiclesscotland@est.org.uk.

How long does the process of installing a new charger usually take?

The length of time it takes to install a new charger on the network depends on the Distribution Network Operator (DNO) responsible for the transmission of the electricity from the grid to the site and the availability of the manufacturer to conduct charger testing. It is also dependent upon the provision of the required information to ChargePlace Scotland to be able to configure the charger to communicate with the back-office system used to monitor and manage the network. However, as soon as a charger is available for use, we will display this on our charge point map and announce it on our Twitter and Facebook pages.

What happens when a fault with a charge point is reported to ChargePlace Scotland?

Once a fault is reported via our helpline or fault reporting form, our customer services team will report this to the charge point host and the charger manufacturer and mark the charge point as unavailable on the charge point map (if completely inaccessible). When the manufacturer has obtained permission from the host to attend the site, they will try to fix the fault as soon as possible.

What support does ChargePlace Scotland offer drivers making the switch to electric?

We understand charging an EV can be a new experience, and to assist you with this, we have set up a Help Centre to answer frequently asked questions. Our network is supported by a 24-hour 365 day a year helpline for our members. We also aim to develop and share helpful guidance for drivers making the switch to electric.

Where can I find out more information about the ChargePlace Scotland network?

The best place to find answers to your questions about the ChargePlace Scotland network is our Help Centre, while we regularly announce new charge points and share the latest news about the EV industry via our Twitter and Facebook pages. You can also sign up to receive our seasonal newsletter to be the first to hear about exciting network developments and new features.

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