Glasgow City Council Tariffs

Charge point tariffs are decided upon by the charge point owners. The tariffs are applied based on the charge point type and not the connector type.

The Tariff will include a Connection Fee and a rate for the electricity consumed:

Charging UnitConnection Fee
All Charging Units£1.00 per session
Charging UnitRate per kWh
Standard Charging Units (max 7 – 22kW)£0.40 per kWh
Rapid Charging Units (max 50 – 150kW)£0.70 per kWh

Note the rate will be applied for each charging unit and not at a connector level.

An overstay charge of £40 will be automatically applied at all chargers after the Maximum duration.  The council reserves the right to apply a grace period.

Maximum Durations are:

Charging UnitMaximum Duration
All Rapid Charging Units1 hour
On-Street Standard Charging Units in City Centre2 hours
On-Street Standard Charging Units in rest of city3 hours
Standard Charging Units in Council family Car Parks4 hours

EV Charging Tariff information by charger is displayed below:

The tariff will be reviewed on a regular basis.

Information will be displayed on all charging units and a QR code will be available for further information. 

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