Accessing charge points in Scotland is becoming easier every day, with new infrastructure being funded and developed to support Electric Vehicle drivers.

The ChargePlace Scotland network has grown from 55 charge points in 2013, to over 1,500 charge points in 2020. These charge points are installed across Scotland from Shetland to the Scottish Borders, with many being available to use for free following payment of a £20 annual membership fee. New charge points are installed regularly on the network, and are announced on the ChargePlace Scotland Twitter and Facebook pages.

As with any new technology, the infrastructure continues to develop and improve all the time, with newer and more sophisticated charging solutions being introduced on a regular basis. In addition to new charging hubs being built, some 150kW units will be made available on the ChargePlace Scotland network to enable members to benefit from ultra-fast charging.

How We Help You Drive Electric in Scotland

ChargePlace Scotland is not the only charging network in Scotland, but it is the largest and most established network, which offers significant benefits to members. These include low-cost charging, flexible charging options and accessible charging locations.

To access the network and start charging your EV, you need to register for a free ChargePlace Scotland account, then order an access card and pay your £20 annual membership fee.

We understand that buying an EV can be a new experience and have set up a Help Centre to answer the questions we are asked most frequently. Our network is supported by a 24-hour 365 day a year helpline for our members.

Whether you choose to become a member of the ChargePlace Scotland network or install a home-charging unit or a charger at your workplace, we are grateful for the part you are playing in reducing carbon emissions and bringing cleaner air to Scotland. Thanks for helping us to get Scotland driving electric!

Ready to join us on this electric journey? Sign up now to become a member of our network and access all the benefits that driving an EV in Scotland offers you.