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East Lothian Tariff

Chargers owned and maintained by East Lothian Council have the following peak/off-peak rates:

  • 80p / 65p per kWh, £3 minimum fee for High-power Journey chargers (>50kW) 
  • 75p / 60p per kWh, £3 minimum fee for Journey chargers (43-50kW)
  • 45p / 35p per kWh, £2 minimum fee for Destination and On-street chargers

Peak times are the period between 4-8pm.

The Journey chargers will apply an overstay charge of up to £50 if a vehicle is plugged in for more than 45 minutes, and people who stay too long could additionally be subject to a £100 Penalty Charge issued by our Parking Attendants. These measures are intended to ensure that drivers move on as soon as possible and the space is left available for the next vehicle that needs a rapid top-up.

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