Clackmannanshire Council

The Council introduced a tariff for the use of the electric vehicle charging infrastructure on Saturday 1 July 2023.

A tariff stucture was approved by Council on Thursday 18 May 2023.  The Clackmannanshire tariff is based on no further financial subsidy from the Council and therefore is set higher than some adjacent local authorities, where tariffs remain subsidised.

Tariff Rates

Charger TypeCost per kWhMinimum ChargeOverstay FeeOverstay fee chargeable after every
Standard Charger (7kW)£0.48£5.00£0.00not applicable
Fast Charger (22kW)£0.48£5.00£12.004 hours
Rapid Charger * (43-50kW)£0.69£5.00£20.0060 minutes

* please note that any 22kW AC connector on a Rapid Charger will be subject to the rapid charger tariff and any overstay fees/time limits. 

The tariff introduced will allow Clackmannanshire Council to cover the operating costs of the EV Charge Point network. 

These costs include

  • electricity (both direct and indirect costs)
  • maintenance and warranty
  • repairs
  • back office charges
  • bay markings
  • replacement of older units that are no longer operational
  • expansion of the current network

Overstay fee

An overstay fee will be applied to both fast and rapid charger to ensure that there is a turnover of users created and all users can get access to the chargers.  A 10 minute grace period will be provided.  No refunds will be given for any overstay fees incurred.

No overstay fee is proposed on destination chargers (7kW) however, as a matter of courtesy, we would encourage users to vacate the charging bay as soon as possible after charging is complete to allow other users to access the charger.  This will be kept under review and if bay ‘hogging’ is observed an overstay for destination chargers may be considered in the future.

Residents Discount

Clackmannanshire residents without access to off-street parking for example garage or driveway, will be able to apply for a reduced tariff of 10% per kWh.  Residents with access to off-street parking are not eligible for the discount.  More information can be found on our Residents Discount Scheme page. 

For residents without access to off-street parking, but who are interested in installing a driveway to enable at home charging, you will require to apply for a footway crossing.

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