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Charge Point Owners KPIs

TitleDescriptionReporting PeriodTarget
Implementation of tariffsImplement owner/ host tariff as requestedMonthlyImplemented within 2 weeks of request
Amendment of tariffsChange of owner/ host tariff as requestedMonthlyImplemented within 2 days of request
TitleDescriptionReporting PeriodTarget
Issuing CPID stickersNo more than 14 calendar days from the request being made to issue the CPID stickerMonthly100%
Commissioning a CP to the back officeNo more than 7 calendar days taken from receiving request to be addedMonthly100%
Charge Point Owner Service
TitleDescriptionReporting PeriodTarget
Payment  Reimbursement of tariffs to Charge point owners on a monthly basis, within fifteen days of the start of the new monthMonthly100%
Fault Management
TitleDescriptionReporting PeriodTarget
Timeliness of fault reporting to owner/ maintainerTo ensure the owner/ maintainer is notified of CP fault by the most appropriate form of communication within 30 minutes of fault being reported. Map updated to reflect live status, within 30 minutes.Monthly95%
Database Management
TitleDescriptionReporting PeriodTarget
Uptime of servers running the back officeTo have guaranteed uptime of 100%Monthly100%
Disaster RecoveryTo restore full service within 6 hours following server lossMonthly100%
Server CapacityStress test to determine if the servers can accommodate demandBi-annually100%

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