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ChargePlace Scotland connects charge point hosts with EV drivers, promoting your charge points to EV drivers across the UK. Installing a charge point is a great way to reward your employees, support existing customers or attract new business.

Our fully managed service includes making charge points visible and accessible to all EV drivers on the network, enabling you to set the tariff for each charge point, and collecting revenue from your charge points on your behalf. Our charge point management solution provides hosts with visibility and control of charge point utilisation.

  • Generate revenue
    Receive payments from revenue collected from EV drivers by CPS on your behalf

  • Configure charge points
    Set the visibility, tariff and access rights of your points for multiple stakeholders

  • Monitor utilisation
    Calculate ROI from usage data, status reports and energy consumption reports

Hosts are the designated owner for the charge points they have installed and are responsible for maintaining these charge points. Existing hosts on the network include local authorities, hotels, restaurants, and leisure facilities.

Access information about charge point funding for businesses in Scotland

Once hosts have connected their charge points to the network, charge points can be made visible to all EV drivers via our live map and hosts can begin to reap the benefits!

Become part of the ChargePlace Scotland network and promote your charge points to EV drivers across the UK.

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