Well, it seems like Gary and Gavin had quite the electrifying adventure! I mean, who needs roller coasters when you can experience the thrill of living on the edge with a dwindling electric vehicle?

It’s a good thing they were driving a Renault Zoe, otherwise, they might have had to change their journey’s name from a road trip to a hike trip. With unplanned fuelling stops, I guess you could say they were truly living life in the fast lane!

They started their journey in Dundee with 156 miles on the Zoe’s battery, which equated to 92% charge at 8:15 am. Their first stop was at The Wynd in Cumbernauld, where they arrived at 10:23 am with 42% charge remaining. They wanted to top up their battery on the rapid charger to ensure they had enough range to reach the next stop, but encountered a fault on the service. They were able to charge on the AC side, which had a capacity of 43 kW, but the Zoe’s on-board limiter only allowed it to pull 22 kW on an AC connector. They charged up to 65% in approximately 50 minutes, which gave them an estimated range of 96 miles. They left The Wynd at 11:23 am.

It’s like the universe was conspiring against them to make their journey as electrifying as possible. But hey, at least they got to experience the joys of AC charging and overstay fees. Who needs a relaxing vacation when you can have a heart-pumping electric adventure?

Their next stop was in Crawford, which they reached at 12:21 pm with 24% charge remaining. They charged up on the rapid charger to 80% before leaving at 12:40 pm. However, they had to disconnect from the charger as there was an overstay fee in place.

Gary and Gavin encountered a common problem faced by electric vehicle (EV) drivers during their journey. Upon arriving at the DW Stadium in Wigan, they discovered that the only charger available was already in use by someone else. They arrived at the DW Stadium in Wigan at 4:15 pm but found someone else was using the only charger available.

To avoid delay in rush hour traffic, they decided to charge at a local Lidl Pod Point rapid charger instead. They charged up to 65%, which gave them a range of 126 miles, before leaving at 5:20 pm.

To avoid getting stuck in rush hour traffic, they had to quickly find an alternative charging station and decided to use a local Lidl Pod Point rapid charger. After charging up to 65%, which gave them a range of 126 miles, they continued their journey at 5:20 pm. Conveniently, they were able to use their ChargePlace Scotland RFID card on the Be.EV charge point, showcasing the interoperability of different charging networks. It’s important to note that such interoperability can make EV driving more convenient and enjoyable for drivers.

Their next stop was a SWARCO e-connect machine at Prestatyn in North Wales. They arrived with 29% charge remaining and left when their battery was approximately 60% full, which gave them an estimated range of 110 miles. They had 70 miles remaining to their destination.

Gary and Gavin finally arrived at their destination at around 8:40 pm, with just 12 miles of range left on the Zoe’s battery.

Putting the jokes aside, Gary and Gavin deserve recognition for taking on the adventure of an electric road trip, travelling from Scotland to the picturesque Welsh countryside. Despite facing a few challenges along the way, they successfully reached their destination with just 12 miles of range left on their EV, after making four refuelling stops. It’s safe to say that they experienced some thrilling moments and lived on the edge during their journey. Their determination to complete the journey is commendable and shows the potential of electric vehicles to facilitate long-distance travel.