Have your say in the future of Charge Point tariffs in Scotland

ChargePlace Scotland network users will soon be asked to participate in a public consultation which will see the development of a community-led tariffing recommendation which will be presented to hosts on the ChargePlace Scotland network.

A growing number of charge point owners on the ChargePlace Scotland network are looking to implement a tariff to use their Charge Points to cover the rising cost of maintenance and electricity provision, as well as to fund future additions to the Charge Point infrastructure.

In 2016 alone the ChargePlace Scotland network was used over 250,000 times by its users, totalling in excess of 2.1m kWh.

As such ChargePlace Scotland has been commissioned to engage with drivers and hosts to aid in the development of a transparent and consistent tariff model which hosts can use a guideline if they choose to implement a tariff to use their charge points on the ChargePlace Scotland network.

Not every Charge Point host is looking to implement a tariff but the idea of this public consultation is that any who do wish to apply them to their Charge Points will be able to make an informed decision about the price and how best to implement it.

“The voice of the network user is of paramount importance in how ChargePlace Scotland is operated,” said Peter Smith, Network Manager at ChargePlace Scotland,

“To impose a poorly thought out and badly reasoned tariff at this point in the network’s development will be a hammer blow for EV uptake in Scotland and render everyone’s hard work to date wasted. It follows that the most important factor in the development of a tariffing model for us is finding out what the users of the network think is a fair price for its use.”

Invitations to participate in this public consultation will be sent by email to all registered ChargePlace Scotland users this week.

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