Charge point back office communication test to take place on Monday 12 July

As part of the preparation for the handover of the back office of ChargePlace Scotland to SWARCO it is necessary to carry out a second migration test to make sure that communication is possible between the new operator and the charge points. This test will take place on Monday 12 July and is designed to cause as little disruption as possible.

The test will involve 10 charge points across Scotland. This is the minimum number that is considered necessary in order to test all the technical variables, while minimising the potential impact to cardholders.

Only one charge point in any one location will be used for the test, and all the charge points are located conveniently close to alternatives.

The charge points will, for the large part of the day, still operate and cardholders will still be charged where tariffs apply. Cardholders who have previously used the charge points will be able to do so as normal where the hosts have activated the necessary settings and CPS has written to hosts asking them to ensure that this is the case. During the test use of the charge points will be available using an RFID card, but not unfortunately through the CYC mobile app.

There will be a short period at the beginning and end of the test while the charge points are migrated to the new operator and then back to the existing operator where the charge points will not be operational. We apologise for any inconvenience that this may cause. This first period will be at around 10am and the second at around 4pm and both will last for a few minutes. Unfortunately it is not possible to be more accurate than this. In the unlikely event of an issue, SWARCO will have engineers on standby close to the charge points being used and will respond as quickly as possible.

The exception to this will be with the bp Chargemaster units at Newhouse Car Park in Motherwell (ID no. 51512) and Bay Street Car Park in Port Glasgow (ID no. 51092). Neither of these units will be available for the entire duration of the test and we apologise for any additional inconvenience that this may incur.

Before beginning the migration at either the start or end of the test a check will be undertaken to see if the charge point is in use. If it is, the migration process will terminate the session, and therefore after the few minutes of migration the operator will remotely restart any sessions that have been terminated so that your session can continue.

The charge points that will form part of the test are identified in the following table.

Charge Point ID Location Charging unit
50540 Riverside Museum, Glasgow SWARCO 50kWh
52082 SEC Hydro Car Park, Glasgow SWARCO 22kWh
51426 Princes Street Charging Hub, Dundee SWARCO 50kWh
50271 Clepington Road, Dundee SWARCO 7kWh
52472 Ayrshire Athletics Arena, Kilmarnock SWARCO 50kWh
51236 Sauchiehall Street, Glasgow Siemens 7kWh
50403 Duke Street Car Park, Glasgow SWARCO 7kWh
51512 Newhouse Car Park, Motherwell bp Chargemaster 50kWh
51092 Bay Street Car Park, Port Glasgow bp Chargemaster 7kWh
51377 Falkirk Grahamston Railway Station, Falkirk Alfen 22kWh

We thank you for your understanding and cooperation.

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