A group of employees from ChargePlace Scotland had the opportunity to visit the Arnold Clark Innovation Centre in Glasgow. This visit was organised as a way for the employees to learn more about the latest innovations in the automotive industry and how they could be applied to their work at ChargePlace Scotland.

The Arnold Clark Innovation Centre is a state-of-the-art facility, from interactive vehicle guides to safe, tailored test drives in the latest alternative fuel cars, everything you need to get started and learn more all in one facility. With over 60 electric and hybrid cars available to test drive, it really is the place to go to learn all you can about the future of EV’s.

During the visit, the ChargePlace Scotland employees were given a tour of the facility and were able to see firsthand some of the innovative projects that are currently underway in the industry, as well as test driving two fully electric cars on site.

Our Communications Manager, Abbi Henderson and one of our service centre shift leaders Adam Gray got to test drive the Hyuandi Ioniq and the MG4. Arnold Clark have an onsite test track where you can drive the EVs they have onsite. 

One of the main topics of discussion during the visit was how Arnold Clark are helping develop the automotive industry, the problems that drivers face and how we have developed from the first ever electric vehicle in 1832 to where we are now in 2023.  

The ChargePlace Scotland employees were particularly interested in learning more about the questions they receive from visitors and how we can work alongside the innovation centre more to provide everyone with the best knowledge they can about making the change to owning an electric vehicle.

Overall, the visit to the Arnold Clark Innovation Centre was a valuable learning experience for the ChargePlace Scotland employees. They were able to gain new insights into the latest developments in the automotive industry and how these developments could be applied to their work in promoting the adoption of EVs in Scotland.

In addition, the visit was an opportunity for the employees to network and build relationships with professionals in the industry, which will lead to future collaborations and partnerships. Overall, the visit was a great success, and we look forward to seeing the continued progress and innovation that will come out of the Arnold Clark Innovation Centre in the future. 

We at ChargePlace Scotland recommend drivers to attend the innovation centre to gain further insight into owning an electric vehicle, the options you have for charging. One key piece to note is that they do not sell vehicles at this facility so it is a great way to have all your questions answered from the highly knowledgeable team.