Plug In Adventures Make it to Bulgaria in an EV in just 8 days

Just over a week after setting off on the Mongol Rally, Team Plug In Adventures have made it all the way to Bulgaria. Chris, Panda and Hamish the Highland Coo have passed through 6 countries in just 8 days fuelled by nothing but pure electric in their LEAF AT-EV*


Chris Ramsey and his companions set off from Goodwood race track on 16th July and haven’t stopped since – driving up to 30hrs at a time.

“Things are going really well,” said Chris, speaking to ChargePlace Scotland from Bulgaria.

”We’ve only had 2 charging issues in Europe, I think that is pretty good going, especially when you realise that we have driven through 6 different countries already.”

Speaking about the burning question on every EV driver’s (and probably a fair few non-EV driver’s) lips – how has it been finding a charge along the journey so far? – Chris was positive about the experience so far,

“In general it’s actually be pretty easy as most have been located at motorway services. For the chargers located in the cities, again these have proved relatively easy to find. We have only had to use a couple of dealerships to get a charge so far; 1 Nissan in Belgium, 1 Nissan in Budapest and 2 Kia garages in Bulgaria. I did about 2 months of planning and research, solely around the charging network providers and this has been a god send.”


Surprisingly, one of the biggest challenges that the team has faced so far has been the weather with average temperatures since they left Belgium reaching 32°C – not good for the furry members of the crew or the battery in the AT-EV!

“Given that we are trying to maximise our driving range, it means we have had to refrain from using the air-con a lot due to it draining the battery,” added Chris,

“We have also found that we have had to keep a close eye on the temperature gauge of the battery after finding it almost in the red after 3 rapid chargers due to the weather. There have been times when we have had to call it a day, before connecting to a 16amp socket in order to let the battery cool.”

Congratulations to Chris and Team Plug In Adventures for doing such a great job so far. 2000 emission free miles down, 8000 miles to go.

Keep up to date with Chris’ adventures at @PlugInAdventure and via @ChargePlaceScot and for exclusive interviews and content.

*All-terrain Electric Vehicle
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