Here’s What You Need To Know About Your New ChargePlace Scotland Card

We’ve been working really hard at ChargePlace Scotland HQ to get your new ChargePlace Scotland RFID card to your door. Here are ten things you need to know about your new card.

1. Receiving Your ChargePlace Scotland Card

If you are already a member of the Charge Your Car (CYC) network you will receive your ChargePlace Scotland automatically. This card will replace your CYC card directly and has been assigned for your use. You will receive one ChargePlace Scotland card for each CYC card associated with your account.

A ChargePlace Scotland welcome pack has been sent to the address associated with your CYC account. Your welcome pack includes your new ChargePlace Scotland card(s), a letter explaining the features of the network, and a Charge Point Guidance leaflet.


2. Your ChargePlace Scotland Card works in exactly the same way as your CYC card

Your ChargePlace Scotland card is set up to work in the same way as your CYC card does. When you go to use a charge point on the ChargePlace Scotland or the CYC network just present the card to the charge point as normal.


3. You have not been charged for receiving your ChargePlace Scotland card

The replacement of your CYC with the ChargePlace Scotland card was free of charge. You have not been billed an additional £20 for your new card. You will only be billed when your ChargePlace Scotland is up for renewal.


4. You can use your ChargePlace Scotland Card straight away

You can use your ChargePlace Scotland card as soon as it arrives at your door. There is no need to activate it or register it anywhere because it has already been set up for your use.


5. You can use your ChargePlace Scotland across the UK

Your ChargePlace Scotland card is compatible with all charge points on the CYC network. That means that you can use your car anywhere in the UK where a CYC charge point is available.


6. Your ChargePlace Scotland Card is set for renewal in Oct 2017

Your ChargePlace Scotland card is set for renewal on the 30th October 2017. You will only be billed your £20 renewal fee at this point.


7. You can carry on using your CYC card until Dec 2016

Your CYC card has been programmed to expire on 31st December 2016. This will give you three months to make the switch to using your new ChargePlace Scotland card.


8. If you are a lifetime CYC member you will receive a lifetime ChargePlace Scotland Card

Your ChargePlace Scotland card is a direct replacement for your CYC card so if you are lucky enough to own a lifetime membership to CYC this will also apply to your new ChargePlace Scotland card.


9. Here’s what to do if you haven’t received your ChargePlace Scotland card yet

If your ChargePlace Scotland card hasn’t arrived yet, don’t panic. Your CYC card won’t expire until 31st December 2016. If you haven’t received your card by the end of November then your card may have got lost in the post. If this is the case give the ChargePlace Scotland 24/7 helpline a call on 0141 648 0750 and they will be able to assist you.


10. Here is how to apply for a ChargePlace Scotland if you aren’t already a CYC member.

If you are an EV driver looking to join the ChargePlace Scotland network then you can apply via the ChargePlace Scotland website or by clicking this link.

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